Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana - Bajar de peso comiendo vegano

Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana

Un aumento de peso, es el resultado de un desequilibrio entre este balance. Dos o tres sesiones de 30 minutos a la semana, garantizan resultados visibles a partir de los primeros tres meses. Mantener ese ritmo, es un factor clave a la hora de adelgazar. Hay que encontrar una zancada que no afecte a la fluidez de nuestros movimientos. Si la cabeza se balancea demasiado y sientes Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana ligero estiramiento en la parte delantera de la pierna, significa que tus zancadas son demasiado grandes. Tu pelvis y tus caderas gana movilidad aunque hay que tener cuidado de no exagerar el movimiento. Tiene que dar fluidez, pero sin llegar a ser demasiado acentuado. Es muy importante caminar correctamente. La Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana tiene que estar paralela al suelo. Lo ideal es mirar a Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana punto fijo a 5 o 6 metros delante de ti evitando mirar demasiado hacia el suelo, si lo necesitas, claro. Los hombros tienen que estar sueltos y relajados en todo momento. Tienes que poder balancear los brazos con facilidad. Para mantener el torso erguidoutiliza los abdominales, ya que sujetan la parte baja de la espalda. Son ellos los que te ayudan a coger La buena dieta hacia delante y acelerar. El brazo izquierdo, avanza al mismo tiempo que el pie derecho y al contrario. El movimiento proviene de los hombros.

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To systematically assess the quality Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana online information related to weight loss that Spanish speakers in the US are likely to access. We Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana the accessibility and quality of information for websites that were identified from weight loss queries in Spanish and compared this to previously published results in English.

The content was scored with respect to 5 dimensions: nutrition, physical activity, behavior, pharmacotherapy, and surgical recommendations. Of 16 possible points, mean content quality score was 3. Approximately Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana. All content quality scores were lower for Spanish websites relative to English websites. Weight loss information accessed in Spanish web searches is suboptimal and relatively worse than weight loss information accessed in English, suggesting US Spanish speakers accessing weight loss information online may be provided with incomplete and inaccurate information.

National data suggests that Limited research exists examining the Internet as a form of quality health communication, but current literature indicates questionable quality and inaccuracy [ 6 ]. Additional research is needed to investigate the quality of online health information, particularly in Hispanic populations at high risk for obesity [ 1 ]. However, there is no current measure available for consumers to assess the accuracy of health information provided to Internet users performing online searches.

Despite not knowing the accuracy of health data provided through Internet searches, previous work has shown a correlation between the use of online health information and health behavior changes [ 1314 ]. This is concerning because our previous study showed that the quality of weight loss information English speakers were likely to access on the Internet was poor with respect to the current guidelines for weight loss [ 15 ].

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Only 4. The mean content quality score for all weight loss websites in English was 3. However, to our knowledge, the quality of the weight loss information provided in Spanish in the US has not been assessed. The objective of this study was to evaluate the quality and comprehensiveness of the weight loss content that Internet users discover during online searches in Spanish. The results of an online query are unique to the search engine, and to a lesser extent, the browser that is used.

It was necessary to determine which search engine is most commonly used in North America, as algorithmic differences in search engines result in retrieval, archival, and indexing of varying information. StatCounter Dublin, Ireland was used to gather statistics relevant to search engine and browser usage on non-mobile devices e. Statistics from this online tool are updated every 4 hours and are based on aggregated, quality-checked data provided by 15 billion page views for more than 3 million websites.

Google is the most commonly used search engine Based on this utilization analysis, all queries in this study were completed using Google on the Chrome desktop browser. In order to be able to compare the results of our Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana published study [ 15 ] with those of this study, we used the same protocol for both studies, albeit with an updated scoring mechanism, to reflect changes in weight loss guidelines since In particular, we used the same set of queries that were identified in our previously published study [ 15 ].

Those queries had been identified and included in the evaluation process as follows. A set of 30 distinct English queries were originally generated. For this new study, these queries were then translated by native Spanish speakers. This process resulted in a set of Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana distinct queries in Spanish See Table 1. Therefore, after Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana each query, we selected the first Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana non-sponsored search engine results pages SERPs.

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Each website selected was evaluated through assessment of the main page only unless a video was included as support for the main page or if the query was followed by an article spread across multiple pages. This was done to ensure consistency of evaluation across all webpages, which could link to additional information, virtually ad infinitum. Once Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana were identified, they were separated into sponsored and non-sponsored ads see Figure 1.

Sponsored ads were classified as commercial websites and were identified during queries in Google by a light yellow highlight [ 15 ]. However, no sponsored ads were found in the queries in Spanish. Websites were classified as commercial if any products were advertised and sold, but no additional informational content pertaining to weight loss was provided. Websites with distinct entries written by a single author or small group of authors in reverse chronological order allowing interaction through comments were classified as blogs.

Websites were evaluated through adaptation of previous methodology [ 1920 ]. Each website was evaluated with respect to 3 main dimensions: 1 author credentials; 2 accuracy Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana information related to weight loss, with respect to aggregated Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana and 3 website design.

Scoring criteria for dimensions 1 and 2 remained identical to the scoring instrument developed in [ 15 ]. However, the evaluation of content was modified to reflect the current evidence-based literature for weight loss [ 21 — 28 ], including the Dietary Guidelines for Americans [ 29 ], and the significant changes in Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana since see Table 2.

Scores for quality in the nutrition, physical activity, and La buena dieta change components ranged from 0 nothing to 4 excellent while the pharmacotherapy and surgery options quality scores ranged from 0 nothing to 2 excellent. Scores for nutrition, physical activity, and behavior change were represented with a wider range because pharmacotherapy and surgery options are utilized only in a medical setting and in combined efforts with nutrition, physical activity and behavior change.

Authorship was scored based on criteria 6-point scale that included whether the author was identifiable, whether they had a degree Adelgazar 20 kilos a related field, affiliate organization, and whether contact information was available. A design criterion 6-point scale was based on Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana of the webpage i. We scored whether the websites contained references that were hyperlinked and reputable i.

We commented as to when the website was last updated and whether or not any unsubstantiated claims were included in the content.

Unsubstantiated claims were defined as any weight loss recommendations that did not fall in line with the current evidence-based recommendations [ 21 — 29 ]. Scoring was not affected by unsubstantiated claims. A set of 30 queries in Spanish was generated as described earlier in this paper.

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The queries were then performed on February 3, using Google on a desktop computer, and generated a set of distinct websites see Table 1. The websites were assessed for inclusion and exclusion criteria and then distributed to the research team.

Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana

The team met to discuss the scoring instrument and to pilot test it prior to performing the study. REDCap is a secure, web-based application designed to support data capture for research studies, providing 1 an intuitive interface for validated Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana entry; 2 audit trails for tracking data manipulation and export procedures; 3 automated export procedures for seamless data Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana to common statistical packages; and 4 procedures for importing data from external sources [ 30 ].

The scores were averaged across investigators for subscale and total scores. All the analyses were performed using SAS 9. The 30 selected queries were translated into Spanish by native speakers MC, SC, EP and resulted in the identification of unique sites see Figure 1. Of the 85 sites remaining, an additional 19 sites were removed from the analyses as they were either not relevant e.

There were no medical, university, or government websites returned by any of the queries. When looking specifically at the sub-score with respect to nutrition, physical activity and behavior change, only 1.

Nutrition sub-scores were the highest of the content sub-scores. P values are based on Kruskal-Wallis non-parametric test. For all websites, the mean content quality sub-score maximal score of 16 was 3. The mean design Adelgazar 10 kilos sub-score maximal score of 6 was 4.

For all websites, the mean total quality score maximal score of 28 was 8.

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This investigation focused on the quality of content that Internet users performing weight loss online searches in Spanish are likely to access, and descriptively compared the results with those of a previously published study [ 15 ] where the queries were performed in English. The Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana result of this study shows that the quality of information related to weight loss that Spanish speakers in the US are likely to access is poor.

Additionally, this data suggests that not only is the information in Spanish of substandard quality, it is Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana of lower quality than that available in English.

Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana

This evaluation protocol Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana 5 content dimensions. However, most websites are more likely to address weight loss from a self-management perspective, e. These results demonstrate that nutrition, physical activity, and behavior change information for weight loss from search engines is remarkably suboptimal in Spanish, even more so than in English.

Another particularly interesting result in this study was the complete absence of medical, university-based, and governmental websites in our queries, which comprised about The medical, university-based, and government websites that were observed in English typically provided evidence-based information and often scored well.

The lack of these websites in the Spanish query was surprising given the availability of federal Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana in both English and Spanish, as well as the existence of several Spanish-speaking universities.

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Interestingly, myplate. Although blogs scored relatively well in [ 15 ], they scored poorly in this study.

Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana

It was previously observed that weight loss blogs are usually written by authors with a keen interest in Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana, and although they did write unsubstantiated claims with respect to weight loss guidelines, they also presented somewhat accurate information on nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral changes for weight loss [ 15 ]. This does not seem to be the case with Spanish blogs, as most of them seemed to refer to other sites that were commercial in nature and provided very low quality information.

It is not clear at this stage why the information for weight loss that is Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana to be accessed by Spanish speakers in the US is lower than the already substandard information in English.

Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana

Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana However, this may largely be a consequence of search engine optimization SEO techniques used in websites, which can be a result of primarily Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana Spanish-speaking websites investing on SEO to ensure that their sites nearly always top online searches. Given the large segment of the US population that favors Spanish, which also faces high obesity rates [ 1 ], it is critical that organizations provide evidence-based information for weight loss in Spanish and improve their websites with SEO in order to ensure that Spanish speakers are able to access quality advice on weight loss.

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This study had several Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana and limitations. It did not look at the quality of information generated by search engines used on mobile devices. When performing a Google search, results vary from mobile to non-mobile. Therefore, it is possible that information on mobile devices could be of higher or lower quality.

Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana

Additionally, this study is limited to Internet searches. However, social media also provides information on weight loss, which may differ from what was observed in this study. However, since the scores are low to very low, a moderate agreement between scorers does Adelgazar 72 kilos weaken the main result of the paper, which is Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana the information for weight loss in Spanish and likely accessed by users is of substandard quality.

The strengths of this study include its focus on the information that Spanish-speaking Internet users in the US are likely to access in the first 5 SERP links, which are the links Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana are most likely to access [ 18 ]. This study does not suggest that no quality information in Spanish is available through online searches.

A cursory review of pages further down SERPs suggests there is quality information available, usually in page 3 or further in a Google search. However, as previously noted [ 18 ], it is highly unlikely that a significant portion of Internet users access this information.

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Additionally, the scoring criteria for content was updated from the original manuscript [ 15 ] to reflect the updated literature and recommendations for weight loss, including the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the significant changes in pharmacotherapy since Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana Thus, it was not practical to conduct a statistical analysis to test for differences between the results in English and Spanish Adelgazar 6 kilos en una semana loss search engine results due to changes in the grading rubric.

Nonetheless, with only 1. We demonstrate that in the US, weight loss information accessed through online searches in Spanish is suboptimal and relatively worse than the quality of weight loss information accessed through online searches in English. This suggests that Hispanic persons accessing weight loss information via search engines in Spanish may be accessing Adelgazar 20 kilos and inaccurate information about weight loss, potentially influencing the disproportionate prevalence of obesity in Hispanic persons in the US.

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